Powerball science park

פנחס ספיר 8, נס ציונה, ישראל

Get to know Powerball science park – with high quality coworking space standard, based in a central location, designed and optimized coworking space for self-employed, small businesses, startups and companies. Powerball science park is a coworking space in נס ציונה, and his address is פנחס ספיר 8, נס ציונה, which helps you to save on current expenses and at the same time get more – more services and complementary conditions.

Powerball science park offers important flexibility in terms of expanses. No more unnecessary lease signing for a year in advance, or to rent a larger office than necessary. Feel free to rent the desired desk for as much as needed – An hour, a day, a month, or even longer – you decide! Also, tenants in Powerball science park נס ציונה are given time to re-select the desired working station. You can choose an open space \ hot desk or dedicated desk, an office for the amount of people necessary, a conference room and a meeting room, etc. – And it’s all according to personal needs.

Powerball science park workspace in נס ציונה is close to a commercial center and offers a variety of benefits that are included in the price. Those are services that were created to impress your clients, such as lounge and coffee machines or barista’s, all in order to make their time more pleasant and for you to save on expenses such as those. Among other things, you will find in that Powerball science park has fully equipped kitchen, coffee machine, ergonomic office equipment, advanced technology, WIFI, air conditioning, a variety of common areas, cleaning services and much more. Tenants also enjoy mutual networking and a variety of business as well as social gatherings that offers growth, business exposure and creates great connections. Feel free to come and be impressed.

Amenities at Powerball science park

  • Showers
  • Printing Services
  • Snacks
  • Beer
  • Soft Drink
  • Saturday Open
  • Sports Classes
  • Open 24 7
  • Friday Open
  • Pets Friendly
  • No Obligation
  • Happy Hour
  • Mentor Sessions
  • Near Bus
  • All Branch Access
  • Paid Parking
  • Coffee Ant Tea
  • Meeting Room
  • Business Meeting
  • Kitchen
  • Space Events
  • Accessibility
  • Gym
  • Near Train
  • Espresso
  • Phone Booth
  • Bicycle Room
  • Play Room
  • Mailbox
  • Cleaning Services
  • Social Meeting
  • Community Networking
  • Free Parking
  • Balcony
  • Sports Classes He
  • Conditional On A Screening Interview
  • Swimming Pool
  • Secretarial Services
  • Only For Technological Ventures
  • Shuttles
  • Only Social Projects
  • Only The Residents Of The City
  • Wifi
  • Air Conditioning
  • Lounge Chill Out Area
  • Lockers

Prices at Powerball science park

Rental Options
Hot Desk
900 per month
100 per day
Strating at 1,900 per month
Up to 2 people
3,400 per month
Up to 3 people
Strating at 5,100 per month
Up to 4 people
Strating at 6,800 per month
Up to 5 people
Strating at 8,500 per month
Up to 6 people
10,200 per month
Up to 7 people
Strating at 11,900 per month
Up to 8 people
Strating at 13,600 per month
Up to 9 people
Strating at 15,300 per month
Up to 10 people
Strating at 17,100 per month
10-25 persons
25-50 persons
Meeting Room
Up to 6 people
100 per hour
Meeting Room
Up to 14 people
Strating at 240 per hour
Event Room
Up to 40 people
300 per hour
Lecture Room
Up to 40 people
300 per hour
Workshop Room
Up to 40 people
300 per hour
עמדה במשרד משותף
1,700 per month
כיתה להשכרה
Up to 40 people
300 per hour
Attention! Prices does not include V.A.T | Prices may be updated from time to time | errors and omissions excepted.

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  • Where is Powerball science park workspace located?
    The address of Powerball science park is: פנחס ספיר 8, נס ציונה.
  • Is Powerball science park open on the weekend?
    No. The coworking space Powerball science park is closed on weekends.
  • I'm using public transportation. is Powerball science park close to any?
    Yes. Powerball science park is a walking distance from a train or bus station.
  • Is the coworking space Powerball science park nearby any resturants of coffee shops?
    Yes. There are close resturants and coffee shops near the co-working space.
  • What's included at Powerball science park fees?
    All the co-working spaces on Espaciado are all inclusive, which means that Powerball science park offers his members a range of services that suits your business – High speed Internet, cleaning services, advanced working stations, an espresso machine and more, all in one standard fee.
No broker's fee
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